Lazy Leopard is a small and new Fursuit building company based out of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Building techniques have been tried and tested by a local fur that loves to abuse suits. Testing includes: Dancing, rolling around in grass, mud and on cement, stretching to see just how far the fursuit can go. 

So why Lazy Leopard? Because the first character of the main builder is a snow leopard, and she is quite lazy about taking care of her suits, and goes by her mothers principles when it comes to having to hand launder almost anything, and that's a giant nope.

The only thing that makes her hand wash anything is because it doesn't fit in her washing machine (pesky center agitator getting in the way of sticking giant clompy boots and foam based heads in the machine too!) though she admits resin heads just don't do well in machines either.

She also doesn't like fixing things so if she can make it so you can't break it through regular use you'd better believe that is how things are going to be made! 

We are currently Closed for Fursuit Commissions. - Currently accepting parts commissions

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