Do I really need a reference?
Yes, your reference should have at the very least a front and a back view of your character as well as details on any specific markings that they have that aren't easily visible on those views (Like markings down the side). 

When are you going to work on my suit?
It depends where you are in the queue. I sometimes work on a few different orders at once so that if I need a break from one I can go work on the other. 

How long is your Queue?
I have a maximum of 4 fullsuits or partials on the go at any time. I will take tail or ear orders as well but only a few on top of those as they are quick turn overs. If the queue hits 4 fullsuits or partials for any longer than 2 weeks I close commissions entirely until they are all cleared out before I open up again. 

I really can't afford the suit I put a deposit on can I have a refund?
Deposits are non-refundable, I tend to order fur almost immediately upon receiving the deposit that way it goes to what it's suppose to go to! You can get a refund on any amount that is beyond the deposit, as long as work has not begun. Please see the ToS for further information. 

I can't pay all at once do you take payment plans?
Yes! I have a few options so feel free to ask about them when requesting a quote! 

Can I really wash the suit in the machine?
Yes! We suggest gentle cycle or delicate/handwash cycle on your machine with cold water only. We suggest something along the lines of Tide Naturals (no dye, no scents) and mixing the detergent with water if you are sensative I however use Gain Apple Mango Tango. Smells pretty gets it clean. You only need about a teaspoon of detergent though so no need to fill up the lid! 

Can I machine dry too?
No. Machine drying will damage the fur beyond repair. Please hang your suit to dry, as machine drying will void warranty. 

Do you have a Warranty?
Yes, you can find it on the Terms of Service page at the bottom. I also include a care sheet and a warranty sheet with any purchase.


1. A request for a quote can be done at any time, even when we are closed for commissions by emailing us at
2. a) Please provide a reference sheet with a minimum of a front and back image for the fursuit/costume you would like to have made.
b) If you do not have a reference sheet that meets this requirement you may request one from us for $30 using text based description and/or images that belong to you.
c) Please do not send us references of fursonas that do not belong to you, or you do not have permission to use as we will be unable to work with you any further.
3. Quotes are good for 6 months unless otherwise dated by Lazy Leopard. After which time you will need to get a new quote.
4. We reserve the right to refuse to build any fursuit/costume request. As such we will send you a response letting you know that we are unwilling, or unable to build your suit.

Deposits, Payments and Refunds

1. a) Deposits are 100% NOT refundable, please only send a deposit when you have a quote and an invoice.
b) Deposits on a standard commission is cost of fur PLUS 5-10% of the remainder of the build. (on a Full basic fursuit this would be approximately $275)
c) Rush order Deposits are 75% of the cost of the suit. 
2. a) Payment plans are available if you do not think you can save your money for a lump payment at the end or if you can not make a full deposit at once.
b) Minimum payment plan is $100 a month, with work to begin after half of payments have been made.
3. a) Refunds are not available after work has begun and any refund to be given will be less the original non-refundable deposit.
b) Should Lazy Leopard NEED to cancel your order however you will receive a full refund including your deposit.
4. Final payment MUST be received before your fursuit is shipped or given to you. Photos will be provided of finished work. 


1. Shipping is not covered in the quote and the buyer will be in charge of covering shipping costs however they wish to send said item.
2. Shipping will including a tracking service and insurance regardless of method of shipping since losing a suit is not fun for EITHER party.
3. If completion is near a con that both Lazy Leopard and the client are attending or if the client is local and would like to pick up their suit instead this can be arranged for no fee. 

Other Updates: 

We try to update regularly but if we fall behind or don't get you an update please feel to ask for one, though we would appreciate a limit of once a week especially if we respond (if we don't it likely means we aren't getting the message due to some outside forces like a misspelled email address) 


Seams: Are covered for 6 months. If the seams fail in the first month shipping is covered. After this time we will do repairs for a minimal fee for the life of the suit and you pay the shipping. 

Airbrushing: Airbrushing can be sent to be redone once a year free of charge for the life of the suit, shipping is not covered. 

Fur: Fur is all high quality and will have been packed and shipped in a way that should minimize chance of damage. We will never ship you damaged fur as such any rips and tears in the fur will NOT be covered unless it arrives like that and is caused by the post office. If this should happen please report it IMMEDIATELY. 

Warranty shall be voided entirely if any work is done on the suit that is not performed by Lazy Leopard, or if improper care has been given to the suit by the owner that has caused it to become damaged.

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